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Mike Media Services & Solutions

Web Design / Development: Make the best first impression, every time.
The look of a website is as important as a physical store. We work with you on website designing Fiji, or elsewhere) so your site looks professional and works like it’s supposed to.

Email Marketing: Keep them wanting more
What do you want to do? Educate customers, improve customer service, get more information on your clients, or keep them thinking of you? We can help with not only technology, but experience and advice from marketers, copywriters and web specialists.

Content Management System (CMS): Stay in control
We make it easy for you to alter your website on your own, without paying a developer for every little change. Yes, even us.

Search Engine Optimisation: Be seen!
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means your existing customers can find you more easily in search engines. It gets pretty complicated, but we aim to make it simple.

Domain Names: First Steps
We’ve just expanded our product range to include domain names. We’ve kept them very cheap, basically because if you want a domain name, you might want some of our other services. Which works out for everyone, really. Contact Us to find out more.

Network Accessories:
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