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Mike Media CMS

MikemediaCMS (Fiji and around the world) means you can manage your own content without paying extra for small changes. Our personally designed, customer friendly system is part of our ongoing service commitment and is included in the price of a Mikemedia website.

You may have wondered what happens when your website is finished. The truth is that your website is never really done, but it doesn’t have to keep costing you.

There’ll always be little changes you want to make - like changing a staff-member or contact details, adding new product details or giving your customers news. A website works best when content is relevant and up-to-date. You might even want a more dynamic site with a blog, community or news pages. It makes sense because it means that readers keep coming back.

A content management system (Fiji and around the world) will help you do all this. But not all content management systems are created equal. While CMS platforms are standard with websites these days, they’re not all user friendly and often you have to pay for a host of add-ons that Mikemedia includes for free.

We know it’s the best because we built it ourselves. It’s based on popular open source CMS Joomla. Using an open source platform means the best minds in the world have contributed to making this the best system possible. And then we got a hold of it, and tailored it to fit just right for you.

It’s so easy – if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use MikemediaCMS (Fiji users and others). So if you want to learn more about websites later down the track, or even switch developers, it’ll be easy with well written code. We want to put you in the drivers’ seat of your website. And we’re confident that our service will keep you coming back for more.

What you get with your Mikemedia CMS:

Secure Login

All MikemediaCMS (Fiji-based but can operate anywhere) sites come with a secure administration login with different levels of access for different employees

Iconic Control Panel

M ikemediaCMS uses easy to identify icons to make things easy. You just click on the icon of the site feature you want to work with and then start editing or managing it.


You won’t need HTML or programming knowledge. Our “What You See Is What You Get” editor means that you can manage the content of your site much like using Microsoft Word.

MikemediaCMS also includes these add-ons that other companies would charge extra for:

Google Analytics & SEO Tools

MikemediaCMS integrates with Google analytics and other search engine tools to help you maximize your online potential

Latest News Module

Keep your customers up to date and your site dynamic by easily managing latest news and updates.

FAQ’s Module

One of the great things about web marketing is that it can actually cut your administrative costs and add service to your customers. FAQ allows your prospects and clients to easily find the answers they are looking for.

Print/ PDF/ Send

You can make it easy for prospects or clients to spread the word about your business at the click of a button. We think this is an essential benefit of web marketing. So we’ve thrown it in for free.

Media Manager

If you have a lot to say, you want to keep it organized. MikemediaCMS comes with this free add on that helps you search, categorize and manage all your site’s media content such as images, PDFs, videos and more.

Optional Add-Ons

There are so many things you can put into your MikemediaCMS (Fiji-based or anywhere in the world), and we’re always coming up with something new! Visit our MikemediaCMS Add-Ons page for our optional add-ons.

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